Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Another Meet and Greet... A fews Days of fun

Wow... I have really lost track as to what the date is! My map program is the only way that I can figure out what day it is and where I am supposed to be.
This all took place over the span of Days 21-23.

(this is around Casper WY, on my way to Hot Springs SD)

Last year sometime, I was invited to this meet and greet in Hot Springs SD with some friends I have known online for a few years through motorcycle forums. I arranged my cross country ride to include a few days with these old new friends and was looking forward to the fun and days off from my self driven schedule.

When I got to the Inn By the River, everyone was out riding, so I took a few minutes to get settled and look around. The old buildings were made from local sandstone.

Gary and his family rolled in right behind me. He had his tools out pretty darn fast... and they like to tease ME about my Harley. :) :) In not too long, the thunder rolled in... not from the sky but from all the Road Stars that were arriving. Yes, his nickname is Santa :) We exchanged hellos and hugs and laughter as we all got to know each other. We soon found ourselves across the street at a local pub for dinner, we filled the place up and I think overwhelmed the one waitress and the kitchen, as they were soon out of chicken wings. When walking back to the inn, were graced with a gorgeous rainbow that evening! Kickstands up at 8am the next morning for a tour of Devil's Tower and Deadwood. Keith was in the lead and I was riding shot gun. I think we had a total of 14 bikes, a good turnout! The day had lots of satisfaction in the photo op dept... at every stop, even the gas stops, there were multitudes of cameras suddenly snapping pictures. But we all agree that John gets the top vote for the official photographer of the Road Star All Stars Meet and Greet. Devil's Tower was first... from what I understand this rock formation is still a mystery to science. The gift shop had all the appropriate alien knick knacks. A ride through some beautiful twisting roads and suddenly we all pulled over for the Bridal Falls. I would love to ride this road early in the morning before the traffic starts... After having been solo for so many miles, it felt a little strange at first to be part of such a big pack. But then it was wonderful to simply relax and not be in charge :) We pulled into a quaint crossroads rest stop.... a little shop, where everyone chilled out a bit. I had a good old fashioned ice cream sandwich, a snack that I have decided is the perfect little pick me up on the road. From there, it was to Deadwood! Deadwood SD is another one of those great western towns that has become a tourist mecca. The downtown has the flavor of an old western gold rush town, with character actors playing their parts very seriously. We ate lunch at a saloon where the bar maid was dressed to the nines in her corset and hose. It was awesome. The day was getting on and the swimming pool was calling the big boys, so we headed back to Hot Springs for social hour. There were many threats of my getting thrown in the pool, but I am thankful that no one actually followed through. I think they took pity on me that I was still coughing. The next morning, dawned brightly, however, I did not. I emerged from my room, and told the boys that I was going to take a rest day, sent them off in search of Sturgis and went back to bed. It is amazing how much one can sleep after sleeping a full night!
I was due to leave early the next day, so we all went down the road to a restaurant called Wooly Mammoth's or something similar. They were expecting us, and had a couple of big tables reserved. We had a great time, reviewed the riding of the previous days, did lots of teasing, and laughed a lot between picture taking. For me, it was a great way to close out the time with these folks. It was a wonderful way to spend some easy and fun time in the middle of my tour.

I would be leaving early in the morning, so

got my stuff all packed and early to bed....
because the dawn was right around the corner.
...and Day 24 begins!


  1. Kate,
    You're one of the few ladies I know who can fit in and be comfortable as the only female with a group of big burly guys. Just one of the "guys".
    That's great! I've been waiting for this post. I look forward to them every day. When you don't post, I'm disappointed.
    Ride safe,

  2. By any chance, were those guys on their way to Star Days in chattanooga next week? We're going and I'd like to look 'em up.

  3. If you need some R&R, drop down to East Tennessee. Our home is yours if you need it.

    Lisa B.

  4. It was great to finally meet you Katie!!! I am so glad you took time to stop by the M&G. I really enjoyed getting to know you a little better, you are such a fun loving person and a blast to spend time with:)

  5. It was Great to meet you BEE. I am glad you stopped by to finally get some of the hugs you were owed. Sorry you weren't feeling better.