Saturday, April 17, 2010

Plan "Bee"

You might notice that I often play with the word 'bee'. So if you find what seems to be a typo, chances I did it on purpose. The title of this entry is a play on the phrase 'Plan B', as in an alternate plan. I chuckled as I realized that Plan Bee also made sense as it involves making some decisions about my upcoming ride.

The friend that was to be a tour guide through a big chunk of my ride has backed out. In the first blog entry, I wrote about releasing control of the trip to the cosmos and this was that what that very thing referenced. I had become complacent that a section was 'being taken care of' and I would not have to worry about where I was going, knowing I would have a wonderful time, and see the best that the northwest has to offer. Suddenly, things are different and I am totally in charge again! The end result is that my ride is much closer to my original vision of riding solo for thousands of miles. Part of the tour that I was really looking forward to will be lost, and that is disappointing, as the Canadian Rockies were going to be a treat. (Mom said to go anyway.) Riding solo out of the country is not something I am completely comfortable with without any knowledge of the countryside. (I worry about gas stations in the wilderness!)

So, back to the beginning... Plan A became Plan B which is now back to Plan A...aka Plan Bee.
Get it? :)

On June 21, 2010, I will be setting out.... Armed with my SPOT tracker so that my family and friends can follow me and my stash of 5 hour energy shots. A SPOT tracker is a GPS beacon that allows anyone I choose to the ability to follow my progress. In an emergency, it also serves as a locator for rescue. A dear friend who will be on his own adventure will accompany me as we overlap the beginning of our rides, parting company in South Dakota as he heads south and I continue west on my quest to see Puget Sound.

Why Puget Sound? (I could hear your asking that question!)

It has called me for 15 years or so...ever since that Oceanography class I took at Framingham State College that summer. I love the ocean, it is where I find the most energy and solace- it renews my spirit. My favorite place on the planet (so far and will probably remain so) is in the state of Maine. A big boulder in Reid State Park, where the cold waters crash against it during windy October weather, or fall gently on it in the quiet of the summer. I ride my motorcycle there as often as possible (it is about 250 miles away) and find a niche in the rocks to curl up and let the sound of the waves lull me to nap for a while, waking up later, to wonder how long I have slept...time stops....and I truly relax and am quiet. If I cannot make it to Maine, I will head toward another New England beach.

Oh! back to the call of Puget Sound... and that oceanography class. I learned that the ocean's activity and geological formations there are unlike anywhere else in the world because of the subduction activity of the earth's crust. Instantly I longed to see that roughness of the rock walls and hear the waves of the Pacific Ocean against them!

And so there it is, the very simple reason for the destination is, the Pacific Ocean.

Patrick, my host in WA showed me a photo of the view from his front door this morning-he looks at Mt. Ranier every day. It was spectacular! I see a row of white pine trees across the street when I go outside in my cozy New England. I have a feeling that the scale of what I consider to be big, or wide open, or tall is all going to get shot to hell when I see what the west has to offer!

Thank you for reading and please continue to accompany me!



  1. I see plan B has been flushed and you are working on plan A but let's take a moment and talk about plan C or I'll use a little play on words and call it "plan SEE" as in can't wait to SEE you in South Dakota. lol The rides are mapped and I'll Bee looking forward to spending some time with you:)

  2. Blogging is GREAT! I am going to add you to my blog list, so folks that visit me, can also watch you. And don't worry you will BEE just fine! You are a remarkable woman (hear her roar!:-)

  3. I love it! Right back at you Paul :)

  4. Pat, Thank you SO much for your words. It is going to bee awesome!

    I have another ride to Rolling Thunder for Memorial Day as a Gold Star escort getting squeezed in before the x-country ride... I can't wait to experience it and write about it too :)